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My name is Alessandro Lollobrigida, born in Tivoli (Rome, ITA)  November 17th, 1972, singer from 1987.

I made different musical genres experiences, first testing them “on the road”, then consolidating at school. I attended Rome University of Music, where i can deepen theory, Jazz and Blues; I studied, besides singing, also guitar, bass and percussions.

My experiences in vocal technique approach to several and more disparate musical genres across the years: Jazz, Swing, Blues, Rock, Pop, R’n’B, Rock’n’Roll, Jive... e obviously classic, melodic and light Italian music too.
In 25 years i performed in events of any genre: clubs, restaurants, arenas, stadiums,  malls, ships, wine shops, private villas and theaters in Italy and outside.

The live performance is the situation where i can reach my best, especially with the relation with the audience, even Italian than international; I got a good command of English. Depending time by time which can be the events demand, I can be an elegant background or a catalyzing attraction. I require very much from myself and from who works with me.

I am not an imitator, I am a performer. I am sure that if I want to perform one genre, I must to get in the culture and style of that genre: if I sing Elvis, I do it in Elvis style.

having a vocal registry as full baritone/ half tenor, i feel at ease performing Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Dean Martin, Elvis Presley, but also Sting, Bono from U2, Bruce Springsteen etc.

I am a professional composer, author, arranger. I worked with Italian RAI for Rai Trade , and I composed music for some popular TV formats. Since 1990 i am legally copyrighted (S.I.A.E.) and since 2007 to ENPALS.